Tattoo and Piercing Laws **All US States** Protect Yourself

Tattoo and Piercing Laws **All US States** Protect Yourself

bamboo tattooing

Modification Around the World- Bamboo Tattooing

What is Bamboo Tattooing? Also known as Yantra, it originates in Thailand where it is commonly practiced, this is also common in Myanmar. Bamboo tattooing is the art of tattooing using very fine ne...

Henna: A Different Kind of Temporary Tattoo

For people like me who love tattoos and body art, it’s a fun activity to flip through pages and pages of tattoo photos considering and researching the symbolism in every design. It also gives me a ...
Jewelry Fashion

Trend Watch: Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore! A rising trend in temporary metallic tattoos emerged in 2014 that challenged the “taboo” behind tattoos. Rather than being considered a deviant unmen...
Life in ink

Life in Ink: Put a Bird on It

We’ve all seen those awesome old black and white photos of swallow tattoos inked across the chests of burly sailors, but why does the bird continue to fascinate and compel us, even in the modern wo...
Body Art and Extreme Modification

Life in Ink: Flower Power

We know now that tattoos have been around for literally thousands of years.  Originally just small marks made with naturally derived pigment, tattooing has evolved into a brilliant and expressive a...
Life in ink

Life in Ink: Celebrating Seniors Day in a Modified World

In honor of Senior Citizens Day, we’re sending a shout-out to all of our favorite pierced and tattooed seniors. We’ll start with Helen Lambin of Iowa, who didn’t even start getting tattooed until s...
Body Jewelry History

Life in Ink: Nautical Tattoo Traditions Explained

With vintage tattoo art making a serious comeback, everyone has probably seen a few interesting tattoos and wondered exactly what they signify.  Traditional tattooing is largely taken from naval an...
Life in ink

Life in Ink: a History of Tattooing in the Armed Forces

Tattooing in the US military has a long and colorful history, from the first returning sailors in the early 1900s, to the policy changes effected during World War II.  In the beginning, the tattoo ...