Nose Ring Sizing: How to Get a Perfect Fit
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Nose Ring Sizing: How to Get a Perfect Fit

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Piercing Experiences: Ashleigh’s Nose Piercing Video

Money shot: 0:15 The BodyCandy excitement continues, as team member Ashleigh goes “under the needle” and gets her nose pierced! Of course, we went and saw our good friend James at American Skin Art...
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New News in Nose Jewelry Now!

  NEW BODY JEWELRY STYLE ALERT!! Sick of wearing the same old studs and hoops? Check out Body Candy’s unique take on Faux Nose Hoops:     L-shaped nose rings are an easy-to-use favorite style, but ...
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Stefanie’s Double Nostril Piercing

Money Shot: 0:22 If you didn’t know, double nostril piercings are becoming a thing! Stefanie decided to have her second hole done by James at American Skin Art inBuffalo,NYand we got to watch. The ...
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What In The World is a Fishtail Nose Ring?!

It’s a nose ring, but the bar is way long. How in the… what the… No need to freak out! There’s a very simple explanation, one that might benefit those of you who have trouble getting nose rings to ...