Welcome to Body Candy's guide on sizing body jewelry. From gauge to length, we've got all your questions covered.

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General Sizing Overview

When it comes to body jewelry, three main dimensions are crucial:

  • Gauge: Thickness of the item that passes directly through the piercing.
  • Diameter: Measurement across a circular opening.
  • Length: Distance from tip to tip of the wearable portion.

How to Measure

Getting the measurements right is essential. Here's how you can do it:

  • Gauge: Best measured with a sizing tool or by a professional piercer. Alternatively, you can use a piece of thread and a ruler.
  • Diameter: Measurable with a tool or a protractor. You can also use a pencil, paper, and a ruler.
  • Length: Place the item on a flat surface against a piece of paper and measure between the lines you draw at the tips.

Types of Body Jewelry

Understanding the different types of body jewelry can help you make the right sizing choices:

  • Straight Barbells: Used for tongue piercings, septum, etc. Length and gauge are the key measurements.
  • Curved Barbells: Used for navel and eyebrow piercings. Length is measured straight across from tip to tip.
  • Nose Rings: Measure the part that will actually be worn inside the piercing for length.
  • Labret, Monroe, and Tragus Jewelry: Measured from the flat disc-like end to the bottom of the ball or decoration.
  • Horseshoes, Circulars, Captive Bead Rings, Segment Rings, and Hoops: Diameter is always measured from inside edge to inside edge at the widest point.
  • Plugs, Tunnels, and Tapers: Measure the portion that will be inside the ear, usually the widest point.
  • Nipple Rings: Measure for length in the same way as a straight barbell, between the two decorative tips.

Size Conversion Charts

Length Size Chart

Inches Millimeters
¼” 6 mm
5/16 8 mm
3/8;” 10 mm
7/16 11 mm
½” 12 mm
5/8 16 mm
¾” 19 mm
7/8 22 mm
1” 25 mm
1 3/8 35 mm
1 ½” 38 mm
2” 50 mm

Gauge Size Chart

Gauge Millimeters
22 .5 mm
20 .8 mm
18 1 mm
16 1.2 mm
14 1.6 mm
12 2 mm
10 2.4 mm
8 3 mm
6 4 mm
4 5 mm
2 6 mm
0 8 mm
00 10 mm

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