Piercing Experiences: Ashleigh’s Nose Piercing Video

by Jodie

Money shot: 0:15

The BodyCandy excitement continues, as team member Ashleigh goes “under the needle” and gets her nose pierced! Of course, we went and saw our good friend James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

Ashleigh’s nose piercing begins, using a hollow receiving tube on the inside of her nostril to prevent the piercing needle from poking the inside of her nose. Once the tube is in position, James pushes the piercing needle through Ashleigh’s nostril, removes the hollow tube, and corks the exposed end of the piercing needle. He slides the remainder of the needle almost all of the way through. Grabbing her jewelry next, James follows the rest of the needle through with Ashleigh’s sparkly new nose ring right behind.

Healing time: 3-4 months

Initial Jewelry: Nose Screw

by Jodie

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