Which Belly Ring Style is Right for You?
Belly Piercings

Which Belly Ring Style is Right for You?

Few piercings are quite as popular as the belly button piercing! With so many options it can seem a bit overwhelming, so we are going to talk about all the various types of belly rings that are out...
Five (5) Types of Subtle Belly Button Rings
belly button rings

Five (5) Types of Subtle Belly Button Rings

Belly button rings are a timeless classic. When you think "body piercing," odds are that a navel piercing is going to come to mind. They are a remarkably customizable piercing - with so many styles...
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Get Your Wild West On: Native & Southwestern Body Jewelry Trends + NEW STYLES

Antique finishes, intricate detailing, and bold blues, greens, and reds are all yours! There’s no question about the prevalence of the rising trend of native and southwestern jewelry, so we figure...
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End of Summer Blues? There’s still time for you & your body jewelry to shine ☀

Even though the end of summer may seem like it has already come and passed, we still have a couple of more weeks to have fun in the sun! Here at BodyCandy.com, we have the sparkle and shimmer that...
Alternative and Gothic Fashion Now

Celebrate Piercings All Over the World: Happy International Body Piercing Day!

If you didn’t already know, today – June 28th – is International Body Piercing Day! YASSS! This awesome holiday is celebrated on the birthday of a person we all should be grateful for if we have a ...
America the Modified
4th of July

America the Modified

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Get your Style in Shape with Summer Beach BODy Jewelry

With the official start of summer just a little more than a week away, there’s plenty of cause to celebrate the incoming season of sunny vibes and warm weather! Don’t know where to start with all o...
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April Showers Bring…SPRING BODY JEWELRY!

Spring is here, and you know what that means?! It’s time to show off your pierced side! Lucky for you, we have plenty of body jewelry options to accessorize for the season of renewal and to get rea...

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray! Happy 4/20!

With the growing acceptance of all things cannabis lately, the 20th of April will carry more of a reason for celebration than ever before. No matter your choice on whether or not to participate in ...