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International Body Piercing Day

If you didn’t already know, today – June 28th – is International Body Piercing Day! YASSS! This awesome holiday is celebrated on the birthday of a person we all should be grateful for if we have a piercing in our body: Jim Ward, the man who is best known for the innovations he brought to the industry of body piercing, including the internally threaded barbell (I love internally threaded everything, so this was an interesting fact for me personally!). Today is a day meant for continuing the ongoing legacy that Jim Ward started for us pierced folk, which is promoting the education and awareness of both the culture surrounding body piercings and the proper safety standards that should be practiced with them.

Fun Tip: Many piercing studios celebrate today with offers that will have you running to get that waitlisted piercing you’ve been wanting, so if I were you, I’d check out your social media accounts and hunt for any postings of deals around your area!

Even if you don’t celebrate by getting a piercing today, you can treat yourself to a little something new for your piercing with our huge selection of body jewelry trends, including:


Click on the above image to try on one of our awesome nipple rings for a style that’ll put your breast above the rest. From looks that’ll make you feel like a bohemian goddess to classy shields and barbells that will bring you to a timeless era, these best-selling nipple rings will make you want to show it off. Whether you choose to do so or not is all up to you!


We all know there’s no such thing as too many belly button rings, so why not take a look at our most popular navel rings of 2016? From the still rising trend of synthetic opals to top mount and double mount dangles, there’s no shortage of unique styles, including plenty of our handcrafted creations. Just click on the image above and thank me later!


From your head to your toes – don’t forget about your nose! Even if you prefer a simple look, maybe it’s time to upgrade your nose ring look to something that reflects your multi-faceted fashion sense. Browse by clicking on the above examples and you’ll see what I mean – who knew that there could be so many choices to decorate your nose piercing?!


To learn more about the culture behind body piercings and body modification, just click here

Today of all days gives us PLENTY of reasons to celebrate our modified bodies, so don’t be a stranger – tag your photos on social media with #bodycandy or #bodycandyshoutout so we can see all your beautiful pierced faces (and torsos, and ears, and…you know the drill!). Oh, and make sure to snap us your #piercedselfie on Snapchat! Our username is the same as our website:!

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