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Subtle Belly button ring jewelry

Achieving a Subtle Look

Subtle (adj.)so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.

Belly button rings are a timeless classic. When you think "body piercing," odds are that a navel piercing is going to come to mind. They are a remarkably customizable piercing - with so many styles, sizes, colors, shapes, and charms, it can be hard to know how to pick the belly button ring that is right for you.

For some, a chandelier belly button ring is the answer. For others, a dangle belly button ring is just enough character to be a true statement piece. But for others, their belly ring is more of a an accentuation of their body's natural beauty. A subtle belly button ring is probably more along the lines of what they're looking for... But what does "subtle" even mean in the context of body jewelry?

We've got you covered. There's lots of ways to choose (and wear) a subtle belly button ring. Here's a list of options for a more conservative look when it comes to choosing belly button jewelry:

basic belly button rings
1.) Basic Barbells

Don't ever count out the basics!

When you head into a piercing studio, you're probably going to get pierced with something very simple - think a stainless steel belly button ring or a titanium belly button ring. This jewelry is simple for a reason - while you're healing your new piercing, you won't want to put any unnecessary stress on your navel. Any added elements like dangly charms can not only add extra weight onto your new body mod, but they also run an extra risk of being snagged... And the last think you want to do is bump, snag, or otherwise stress out your new modification.

Once you're healed up, you can feel free to experiment with your belly button look... But there's also no need to look further than these simple basics. Stainless steel belly button rings are perfect for a subtle look. If you're in the market for something similar with just a bit more flair (and a lot more biocompatibility), try an anodized titanium belly ring. For more info on anodized titanium, check out this blog here.

If you're looking for something with just a bit more visual interest, ball ends can be swapped out on just about every type of belly button barbell. Whether you're looking for sparkly acrylic ball ends or some CZ gems for a bit of extra sparkle, there are seemingly endless options for customizing a basic belly button ring. Try mixing and matching until find something (or many things) you love.

Matte Belly Rings

2.) Matte Finish Belly Button Rings

Matte is a popular finish on just about everything - there is little to no light reflection with a matte finish's slightly textured exterior, giving it a more subtle vibe as opposed to a flashy finish.

Luckily, matte belly button rings are a thing! These uniquely finished rings come in a variety of colors... Anywhere from white and black to a full rainbow (think blue, green, pink, purple, brown, yellow, and everywhere in between).

For best results and jewelry longevity, wear your matte belly button ring when you want to show it off, and sleep in something a bit more basic (like a titanium belly ring) for maximum comfort.

spiral belly button rings

3.) Spiral Rings

Spiral belly button rings are a bit different than your traditional j-bar or barbell belly ring. They're literally spiral shaped, meaning they are a bit longer in theory, but offer a similarly-sized look in your piercing in comparison to other styles.

Not every spiral ring has to be a statement piece, however! Although you can certainly find highly-customized spiral rings, a simple stainless steel spiral ring or one with jeweled cz ends is an amazing way to add just a little bit of visual interest while still maintaining your navel's subtlety overall.

twister twisted belly button rings

4.) Twisted Belly Button Rings

Here's another variation on the classic barbell look... A twisted belly button ring is worn exactly the same as any other navel jewelry, except the bar that is worn inside of your body modification is twisted in an eye-pleasing way.

This is a detail that is probably only noticeable up-close (as in, when you're showing off your cool new jewelry to your friends). It's a small detail that packs a big punch, especially when you add in a colored or rainbow anodized finish.

Since this jewelry has a few extra nooks and crannies, it's important to always practice good hygiene and to keep your piercing/jewelry in tip-top shape. Here's some helpful info on how to keep your jewelry clean.

bioplast belly ring retainer
5.) Clear Belly Button Retainer

Calling all athletes! Belly button retainers are the perfect way to protect your piercing during your most active moments.

Body Candy's preferred material for clear belly button retainers is called Bioplast. It's a special type of plastic that was initially developed for use in the medical field. This means it's incredibly inert (i.e. biocompatible) and can even be sterilized in an autoclave. Most importantly, it's super flexible, so it will bend and move with your body as you exercise. 

Beyond the clear navel retainer that a cheerleader might use, a popular style of retainer is the pregnancy belly button ring. These unique retainers are extra long and can be customized to fit the growing size of a mom-to-be's growing belly. For more info on pregnancy ring retainers, check out this blog here.

While a clear belly retainer is typically more of a utilitarian option than an actual "look," Bioplast also comes in many different colors.

Subtlety is in the Eye of the Beholder

These are just a few simple suggestions for what "subtle" might mean to you... But subtlety really just comes down to personal preference!

Body Candy has thousands of options for customizing your navel. We're positive you'll find something you like!

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