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Alternative and Gothic Fashion Now

The Smiley Piercing: General Information and Personal Experiences

  Upper Lip Frenulum (a.k.a. smiley, scrumper) Piercing Welcomed to the world of piercing in the 1990s after gaining notice in a magazine publication, the smiley piercing has certainly gained po...

The Tongue Web Piercing: General Information and Personal Experiences

Frenulum Linguae (Tongue Web, Under Tongue, Marley) Piercing This piercing is located where the connective under-layers (or the “webs” that distinguish the fenulum linguae from the rest of it al...
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Nose Ring Types: How to Find the Perfect Style

  When someone says “nose piercing” they’re usually referring to the body modification that is pierced and rests in the curve of one of the nostrils. Depending on where you find yourself cultural...
ball captive ring

Don’t Drop the Ball: A Guide to Frustration-Free Fashion with Captive Rings

We’ve all been there – you’re putting in your new body jewelry and the ball drops to the floor, never to be seen again. For those accidents that occur with a bead captive ring, you’re going to need...
Alternative and Gothic Fashion Now

Captivate with Captive Rings: Style Guide

One of the perks of using captive rings is that they are such a versatile option and can be worn in just about any type of piercing. Some popular sites that captives can be used for include septum ...
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Find Your Fit: A Sizing Guide for Captive Rings

Captive rings come in so many different sizes that there are very few piercings in which they cannot be worn. To size a captive ring, two measurements are needed: the gauge size and the diameter of...

New Multi-Functional Body Jewelry Styles

When it comes to body jewelry, the options are endless as far as style and type of jewelry you can use for each kind of piercing. Eyebrow rings (curved barbells) fit nicely into rook piercings, and...
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Clickers Aren’t The Only Septum Accessories

In your search for septum jewelry, you will probably come across septum clickers the most often. These pieces are designed specifically for use in a septum piercing, hence the name. The differing d...