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When it comes to body jewelry, the options are endless as far as style and type of jewelry you can use for each kind of piercing. Eyebrow rings (curved barbells) fit nicely into rook piercings, and even belly rings can be worn as earrings… if your lobes happen to be stretched to 14g. But remember, these pieces are made with their intended piercing in mind.

The appeal of jewelry designed for multiple uses is that all you need to know is the size of jewelry you should be wearing. Captive rings and segment rings can be worn in so many different piercings! Cartilage, septum, lip, nipple…

A bead captive ring closure provides a bit of extra sparkle to your metal. We recently got these beautiful opal captive rings in! The trick with these is that they can be difficult to close. A special set of pliers can be used to steady the ring/ball in place, making it a bit easier. (You can watch our instructional video here if you’re interested in the captive bead ring style.) Depending on the placement of your piercing and if you’ve got shaky hands, these may or mat not be the multi-use jewelry for you.

Hinged segment rings are a popular style of jewelry, resembling the simplicity of some initial piercing jewelry. They give a clean look, and look awesome when layered on in multiple helix piercings or worn as snake bites. The closure is a bit easier since it opens on a hing, and then fastens shut.

If the BCR style still has you nervous, but you want  a little more than just a plain ring, our new segment rings also come with gem accented options!

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