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Even though the end of summer may seem like it has already come and passed, we still have a couple of more weeks to have fun in the sun!

Here at, we have the sparkle and shimmer that the waves at the beach will still be greeting you with this weekend. With a HUGE selection of belly button rings, along with plenty of other fantastic body jewelry options, just take a dive into our store for some modified-approved cures for your end of summer FOMO. Many of the products featured in the main image of this post are either totally brand new styles or are part of our super discounted Almost Free body jewelry sale. You can totally grab some more back-to-school looks on the low!

With all of the talk about pumpkin spice beverages and preparations for Halloween already streaming into our news feeds, it can be a little difficult to maintain your optimistic summer attitude for the remainder of the season, but we’re here to help you stretch out that summer lovin’ for as long as possible! After all, one of the best ways to beat blues of any cause is retail therapy 😉

Want some other ways to battle the end of summer hangover? One of these ideas might be able to give you a perk up:

  1. Do some soul searching – this transitional point in the year is a perfect time to make some positive changes in your own life!
  2. Take an impulsive trip – even if it’s to the campground around the corner, get out there and enjoy the weather!
  3. Just relax and enjoy it – there comes a point when we have to accept summer is coming to an end, so make sure you take it all in while you can

And even if you’re one of the people who can’t wait for fall, we have body jewelry options for your piercings and your autumn-loving self to enjoy too! So no fear, all you lovers of September, October, and November – we got you too. Be sure to check out our special fall-centered styles on our site and definitely take a look at our exclusive Halloween body jewelry for some spooky styles your piercings will be happy to wear, with a costume or not.

Don’t be shy! Leave us a comment below if you want the product numbers of ANY of the body jewelry featured in today’s blog post 


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