Piercing Experiences: Jacqui’s Tragus Piercing Video

by Body Candy

Money shot: 0:28

Jacqui, friend of a BodyCandy colleague, came to us looking for a new tragus piercing. Of course we knew exactly where to go and who to see – our buddy James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

Off camera, James cleans the area and grabs his sterilized equipment. Hopping up on the table, Jacqui lays back and James directs her to tilt her head so that he can clearly see the tragus area for the piercing. A hollow receiving tube is lined up behind her tragus, and it’s time! James pushes the needle through, then steadies it and corks the sharp end. Jacqui’s tragus jewelry is ready to be inserted! James pushes the needle the remainder of the way through her tragus and along comes a new cartilage stud. James securely screws the ball end on the back of the tragus, and Jacqui is all set!

Healing time: 3-9 months, often longer

Initial Jewelry: Straight barbell cartilage stud.

by Body Candy

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  • A

    Alley (Body Candy Team)

    Hi Katie!

    Is your tragus healed up? If that’s the case, try spinning the bar to tighten it, instead of spinning the ball. Don’t do this if your tragus isn’t healed yet!

    If you’re having a tough time gripping the ball, you can always wear a pair of latex gloves for a bit better grip.

  • K

    Katie Dotchin

    I have such a hard time screwing the back of my tragus piercing. I can never get the back on. Is there an easy way. Thx

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