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Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore! A rising trend in temporary metallic tattoos emerged in 2014 that challenged the “taboo” behind tattoos. Rather than being considered a deviant unmentionable that only certain people indulged in, they became an accessory as interchangeable as a pair of earrings. These glimmering pieces of art are commonly found in geometric or tribal patterns, and typically worn around the wrist or on the bicep. Of course, the creative possibilities are endless.

Beyonce and a slew of other celebs have been seen sporting the metallic tattoo, but the trend itself isn’t new. Back in 2012, a few designer labels tried to customize sets that mimicked costume jewelry styles. Some even contained particles of real 24KT gold! Hey, if it looks like a bracelet, and there’s no fear of it flying off my wrist, I’m tempted… but not for hundreds of dollars. It’s a temporary tattoo!

Unfortunately you won’t find these bad boys on the wrapper of Fruit Stripe gum or anything. (I distinctly remember covering my entire arm with that zebra once as a child, and telling my parents to “look at my tattoo sleeve!”) You can find these tattoos minus the pricey precious metals, for a reasonable price in stores and online.

Metallic color tattoos compliment body jewelry so well! Our customers know it, too. Check out the cool one Katie paired with our Crystalline Gem Gold Nautical Delight Anchor Dangle Belly Ring.


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