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For people like me who love tattoos and body art, it’s a fun activity to flip through pages and pages of tattoo photos considering and researching the symbolism in every design. It also gives me a chance to think of the future in general and my own future in particular. Where will I be in 20 years? Will I still like this design? Permanence is part of the overall appeal of a tattoo. At the same time it is also part of initial doubt and anxiety for newcomers to the scene. Temporary tattoos are a great way to discover what kind of design is right for you and also let you experiment with different placements.

Henna decoration is one of the oldest forms of body art in the world. Like all forms of body art, it was once a localized form of decoration in the Middle East and Asia for ceremonial purposes. But with the spread of globalization more people around the globe are decorating themselves with henna. Here is a breakdown of traditional and modern henna decorations:

Ceremonial henna: In India, a girl’s wedding day is the most important day of her life and there are numerous ceremonies involved with grooming the bride so that she looks her best. The bride’s hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs with the groom’s name hidden somewhere in the pattern.

The bride’s hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs that will last anywhere from a week up to several weeks. After the wedding the bride is expected to move into her husband’s home with his family. Tradition holds that so long as the henna on the bride’s hands and feet were still visible, she was not required to contribute to the work in the household.

Henna in the West: Henna artists can be found at any major summertime music festival, county and state fairs, and along the beaches of tourist cities. Teenagers especially are drawn to henna art because of the strict age and parental consent laws in each US state. The wide appeal also allows for a lot of creativity in the designs: why limit yourself to Indian ceremonial patterns? I have seen Celtic, tribal, celestial, and all other kinds of henna designs at concerts I have attended.

Many people are drawn to henna tattoos for their detail, their traditional designs, and the temporary effect. If you love traditional henna designs, go for it! Most cities have henna artists who advertise for personal decorations or gatherings.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, but want to experiment with different styles and placements, temporary tattoos offer a lot of creative options for your body decoration. For the really creative, adapting temporary tribal tattoos can be a way for you to incorporate your own creativity into your body art before you are ready for something more permanent.

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