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celebrating Seniors Day in a modified world

In honor of Senior Citizens Day, we’re sending a shout-out to all of our favorite pierced and tattooed seniors.

We’ll start with Helen Lambin of Iowa, who didn’t even start getting tattooed until she was 75. Five years later though, she has an impressive collection including dolphins, flowers,  butterflies, stars, a bunny, and loads more.  Her arms and hands are covered in color, and it has to be said that her ink looks amazing, as if it was always meant to be there.  Nobody better mess with this octogenarian!

 growing older with piercings and tattoos

Talking about tattoos on the over fifty set, who can forget the incredibly handsome Miles Better.  Miles is rumored to be rounding sixty this year, and his gorgeous mug and manly whiskers are still seen in fashion shots across the web.  He’s also a longtime tattoo artist, with bodies of work in both the UK and Australia.  Plus, his beard may be single-handedly responsible for inspiring a whole new generation of tattooed sailor chic.

 retro sailor style tattoo art

Scottish man about town Tom Leppard is another guy who has some awesome ink.  In fact, he once held the Guinness World Record for most tattooed man in the world, having leopard skin tattoos over more than 95% of his body.  Now that’s rock n roll, especially at 79!

And Tom’s fellow Scot, 46 year old Elaine Davidson, is the most pierced person in the entire world.  She’s rumored to have just over 7,000.  That’s a lot of metal.

 most pierced woman in the world

Speaking of the UK, Britain’s most tattooed dame, 77 year old Isobel Varley, is also the most tattooed senior in the world.  She’s also had several piercings over her lifetime, including her nose, upper lip (monroe), ear cartilage, and stretched piercings in her lobes, many of which she stills wears.

So to all of our seniors with magnificent mods, thanks for all of the inspiration, and keep on keepin’ it real.  Happy Seniors Day.

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