What Does It Feel Like To Get A Tongue Piercing?
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What Does It Feel Like To Get A Tongue Piercing?

Tongue rings have existed for a long time (and no, they're not just done for sexual purposes). There are many different variations of tongue piercings, but they are all located in that muscle insid...
Tongue Piercing
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Tongue Piercings: Everything You Need To Know About Tongue Rings

Everyone has one! The tongue is a very important organ located in the mouth. While it's typically referred to as a "muscle," it's actually a series of two muscles with independent blood supplies th...
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Chris’s Tongue Piercing Video

  Money Shot: 0:24 Thinking about getting your tongue pierced?! Watch as Chris gets his tongue pierced by James at American Skin Art here inBuffalo,NY! The first and very important step of any pier...
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Frank’s Second Tongue Piercing

Money Shot at 0:32 Second tongue piercings are becoming increasingly more popular. Placement of the piercing depends on initial planning. Most commonly the piercings will be one in front of the oth...