How to Stretch Your Ears: The Evolution of Piercing Stretching
Body Art and Extreme Modification

How to Stretch Your Ears: The Evolution of Piercing Stretching

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We’re prepping for the holidays with new styles and trends. Is it about time you updated your plug collection? Are you sizing up? We hear the needs of our customers first, and we’ve got new plugs i...

The Guide to Modern Piercings: Quite a Stretch

By now it’s fairly common to see somebody rocking large gauge ear jewelry pretty much anywhere you go.  But talking to that same person might provide more insight than you realize into the variance...
Body Art and Extreme Modification

Masters of Body Modification: Pauly Unstoppable

Unstoppable is exactly the name that you might think of when you lay eyes on a guy like Pauly Unstoppable.  Even in the United States, it’s extremely rare to see someone who has multiple facial mod...
Crash Course

Crash Course: Basic Styles of Large Gauge Ear Jewelry

Large gauge jewelry, particularly for the ears, can be a little bit confusing to sort through.  So here are some of the basics to remember when buying for yourself or others. You can start at the m...
Labret and Monroe Piercings

Modification Around the World: Lip Stretching in Ethiopia

In the United States, the UK, Australia, and other Western countries, the stretching of lip piercings is something fairly new, but in other areas of the world, lip stretching has been practiced for...
Body Art and Extreme Modification

Modern Primtivism: Extreme Modification in the Modern Era

Beginning many decades ago, body modification has been on a slow upward climb in terms of acceptance in Western culture.  But what about the forms of modification that were already in practice arou...
Body Jewelry Materials

Natural Benefits: Why Wood Does a Piercing Good

As we become more ecologically conscious, as well as more proactive concerning our own health and wellness, Americans and others around the world are discovering the benefits of natural body jewelr...
Body Art and Extreme Modification

Stretching the Boundaries: The Rise of Non-Standard Gauging

For a long time there has been a pretty clear line between what might be considered a standard piercing and what falls into the category of extreme modification.  A classic staple of extreme mods h...