Video: Lyndzi’s Nose piercing – Up Close and Personal

by Lorna

Wanna see someone get a needle in the nose?  Come on, we know you do!  Half the fun of getting pierced is sharing the experience, and our team member, Lyndzi, was nice enough to give us an all access pass to her most recent adventure: nose piercing.

 team member Lyndzi getting her nose pierced

In this awesome video, Lyndzi seems like the strong and silent type, but our captions will let you know just what’s up.  And she just can’t hide that pretty smile when her quick and successful nose piercing comes up complete.

Wanna steal Lyndzi’s style from the video?  Then check out these sweet and simple clear gem nose rings, and for more piercing and body jewelry fun, don’t forget to hit the BodyCandy YouTube Channel.

Cubic Zirconia Nose Rings

by Lorna

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