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In today’s day and age, most of us have seen plenty of stretched ear piercings, and many have experienced stretching firsthand.  There are a few individuals whose stretch mods stand out though, because of their amazing and extreme size and nature.  Take Daryl Belmares, for example.

 stretching mods

Mr. Belmares, often referred to as “Bear” or “Bear Big Ears,” has the largest recorded lobes in the Western world, at a massive five and a half inches in diameter.  With the average tunnel/plug coming in at a max manufacturing size of approximately 2 inches (or 50mm), it’s safe to say that many of Bear’s favorite tunnels are likely custom pieces.  When stretched to full capacity with hollow tunnel plugs worn inside, the holes in his lobes are big enough for a full grown adult to stick their hand through without a problem.  Amazing.

 a large stretched ear piercing

Others who are known for their massively successful stretches include America’s own Pauly Unstoppable (who has achieved large stretches in his ear lobes, helixes, nostrils, and labrets), and Russian-born Jenya, also affectionately known as “the human platypus.”  At last recording in 2011, Jenya’s medusa and labret piercings measured at an astounding 32mm and 58mm respectively (that’s over an inch wide in the top lip and more than two inches in the bottom).  He’s also stretched his nostril and septum piercings to fairly large sizes.

 the look of stretched medusa and labret piercings

For most of us, stretching beyond a certain point can become dangerous or even impossible, but these modern modifiers, along with several tribal civilizations, have taken the art of stretching to a superhuman level.

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