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Monochrome Ombre

multi-tonal bright hair coloring

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

We heart subtle variations within the same color family.  It’s the modern way to rock monochrome, for both beauty and wardrobe.

marble labret monroe rings 

Color Mullet

 hair thats half business and half party

It’s easy to see why this would be referred to as a color “mullet,” because it’s business on the top and party on the bottom.  This is a great style for those who need to have “normal” hair for a job position or school dress code, because if you do it just right, the hair will be able to be put back is such a way that it’s very difficult to tell there’s an “unnatural” color under there.  Genius.

Hair Rainbow

 awesome multi colored rainbow hair

We heart the rainbow!  No, I’m not talking about Skittles.  I’m talking about gorgeous and girly rainbow hair.  In fact, not even gonna lie, we heart rainbow everything!

 cool rainbow tapers

Double Dip

 two tone hair styles

This one we refer to as a double dip, because there are two distinctly different color tones (like pink and blue, or purple and green), but they’re dip dyed or painted on in a very artistic way that allows for one to sort of blend into the other.  Pretty neat.

Wash Out

 soft and pretty pastel hair

The wash out is a reference to the loads of bleach that need to be brushed on and washed out in order to achieve these super light, super sweet hues.  In the end though, it’s worth it, for the prettiest pastel do.  Can’t get your lightener on?  No problem.  You can still become a pastel princess with some fun and flirty belly bling.

 cute pastel belly button rings

Hungry for more?  Then feed your inner fashion freak with a visit to our decked out Pinterest page.

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