Body Jewelry Gifts for Every Price Range

Body Jewelry Gifts for Every Price Range

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‘Tis the season…. for holiday shopping! Body Candy not only has great gifts for every style, but we also have gifts for every price range. Just because you’re low on funds doesn’t mean you have to skimp on super gifts for the people you care about! Below we've got some ideas for some great gifts. If something strikes your fancy, just click the linked text to see the item on our site.

Under $3 Gifts

Our lower cost items are still packed with fun style! While some people may prefer more understated items such as our multi-purpose Seriously Twisted captive ring or a red gem L-shaped nose ring, we also have items for the more fashion-forward amongst your friends and family. How about this cheeky “flipping the bird” tongue ring? Or this wildly colorful dream catcher dangle belly ringYou don’t need to spend a small fortune to give a great gift!

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$3 - $6 Gifts

If you’re looking for a gift in this price range, you’ve got options galore! Why not a black skull nose screw for your more goth-inclined friends? Or how about this tongue ring that really tells people where to go? LOL! These tiger’s eye stone plugs add an elegant touch to any style! Even your friends without piercings besides their earlobes are covered, like with these charmingly retro black heart stud earrings!

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$6 - $10 Gifts

You’d be surprised at what lovely gifts you can snap up for so little cash! Check out this internally threaded labret, which can be worn in a plethora of different piercings! For your friend that likes to change their jewelry often, why not a multi-pack of nose bones with different color gem ends? If you have a friend that’s into pin-up style or loves to add some gorgeous color to their look, this cheery cherry dangle belly ring will have them looking totally sweet.And for those friends who are into crystals, these lapis lazuli stone plugs are sure to fit the bill.

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$10 - $20 Gifts

Still affordable, super stylish and a bit sexy, this jewelry is sure to be a hit. This closure ring is not only a fit for multiple piercings, but the deep green inlay is also truly striking! For your friends who like a darker style or who are a bit batty. This sweet segment ring, featuring a bat charm, is sure to bring a smile. A belly chain belly ring is perfect for your fashionista friends, eye-catching and luxe without being over the top! And for your friends that are a little bit devilish but you can’t help but love ‘em, check out these devil heart nipple shields!

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$20+ Gifts

If you want to splurge a little, we’ve totally got the selection you’re looking for! Check out this titanium labret! It has a threadless design, a flower shaped end and a vitrail cubic zirconia gem end to add some color to all kinds of cartilage piercings! Got a friend who likes quantity as well as quality? Let them try to choose between the options in this multi-packs of white synthetic opal stud earrings! For uptown quality and subtle style, this solid 14-karat yellow gold nose ring is available in a multitude of styles for that perfect fit and sumptuous look! And finally, for your friend who’s obsessed with horror movies, why not this officially licensed Friday the 13th nipple jewelry for a look that’s scary sexy?

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No matter what you want to spend this holiday season, Body Candy is here with the gifts you want to give for the people you want to see smile. Happy holidays!

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