Pierced Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

Pierced Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

     So, Halloween is over, and the holidays are right around the corner. You’ve got a list of people to buy gifts for and no idea what to get them. What does one do in such a situation? We’ve got a few ideas for you! 

Gift Idea #1 - Monthly Club Subscription

     For a gift that truly lasts the whole year long, why not buy your modified friends and loved ones a subscription to one of our monthly clubs? These are 3-piece sets of mystery items, selected by piercing style. Your gift recipient will get items in different styles and finishes so you can be certain that there’s something in each monthly bag that’ll be a hit. They’re available in a number of piercings including industrial, cartilage studs, nipple rings, belly rings & more. There’s even an option that sends you a fresh bottle of our Vitamin C serum every four weeks to keep your skin healthy and glowing. To really top it off, shipping is totally free to your gift recipient’s home, just in time to gussy up their look for that particular season. And this is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

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Gift Idea #2 - Mystery Grab Bags


     Another idea for friends and family that like variety is our grab bag selection. As the name implies, these individually curated pouches contain different styles and looks for each piercing. There’s simply no telling what sort of goodies each one may contain! They too, come in a range of options for piercings – everything from nostril to labret to tongue rings – with one each bag selected for a single specific piercing.  We even carry a deluxe grab bag just for belly rings, with extra jewelry inside! How could you not love that?

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Gift Idea #3 - Jewelry Bonus Packs

    If you like the idea of giving multiple items but don’t want to commit to something you haven’t actually seen, we’ve got you covered. Our bonus packs contain multiple pieces of jewelry all in one neat package – often with an overarching theme to them. Some, such as our nose jewelry bonus packs, even contain different styles of jewelry. These may include things like nose bones, nose hoops, and L-shaped nostril rings. If you have that one friend who is forever losing their navel jewelry, why not grab them one of our 100-piece packs of belly rings? They won’t have to worry about buying a new belly ring at least until the next holiday season! Whether the person you’re buying for is crazy about cartilage piercings or loves labrets, we have a set of jewelry they’re going to go wild for. 

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Gift Idea #4 - Handcrafted 14K Gold Jewelry

     If you’ve got someone on your list who prefers high quality to quantity, why not get them the gold? Our 14-karat gold comes in both white gold and yellow gold, as well a multitude of styles. It’s created in-house by a master gemologist, so you know it’s gotta be great! We even feature options that have gemstones set in them, for the people you REALLY care about.

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Gift Idea #5 - Personalized Jewelry

     Or if you want to get really personal, check out our custom jewelry! We even have customizable stocking-themed jewelry for piercings such as industrial, belly, and even dangle earrings!

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Gift Idea #6 - Fake Piercing Jewelry

And if you want to give someone the hottest non-pierced body jewelry gift going, why not a clip-on septum ring? Let them “try before they buy” with this faux piercing jewelry that can be worn in multiple locations and comes in multiple styles.

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Gift Idea #7 - Body Candy Gift Cards

Or, if you’re really stumped, a great fall back is always a Body Candy gift card. We have them too!

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Happy shopping & happy holidays!