Body Jewelry Gifts by Style

Body Jewelry Gifts by Style

     The holidays are fast approaching, and we are faced with the great fundamental question: what do you get for that person who seems to have everything? If this issue is keeping you up at night, rest easy. Here are some gala gift ideas, broken down by style to make things just a bit easier for you!

1 – The Dark Diva. 

     If you’re buying gifts for a Dark Diva, you can never go wrong with black. You can recognize these gothic beauties by their love of all things dark and creepy. Classic giveaways may include black eyeliner, stompy boots, a love of old cemeteries, a secret wish to keep a bat as a pet, and a wardrobe that may lean heavily towards velvet, goth band shirts, and Victorian-era thrift store finds. While your Dark Diva friend may seem challenging to shop for, we have oodles of jewelry that absolutely oozes goth style and it’s all sure to be a hit!

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2 – The Golden Goddess.

     The Golden Goddess is easy to spot by their modern, curated, trendy style. They may be an Insta influencer or may aspire to be one. They are always on top of the latest look, and they have the pictures to prove it. Even though they may be riding the latest trend, they do it with a classic, high-quality twist that you can’t help but admire. No matter what they’re into, they’re doing it while looking totally put together and they’re doing it at least a month before anyone else has heard of it. Gold gifts for a Golden Goddess are sure to make your friend shine!

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3 – Crazy Cat Lady

     Let’s face it: we all know at least one of these. Numerous cats, for whom they buy clothing. The cat furniture takes up more of their home than the human furniture. Ninety percent of their phone memory is taken up by pictures of their kitties being…well, kitties. These are the Crazy Cat Ladies, and we are just living in their world. The good news is that you don’t need catnip to make these animal lovers purr. You COULD get nearly anything cat-themed for them and they’d enjoy it. But why go with just anything when you could totally rock their world with some fantastic feline jewelry? Turn your cat-loving friend into a gleeful glamour kitten with some cat-themed body jewelry!

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4 – Rainbow Bright

     If your friend regularly rocks every color of the spectrum at once or if your friend is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow. We have everything from rainbow-toned jewelry to jewelry with actual rainbow charms. We even have a wide range of pride flag jewelry to cover the wide range of people who are out and proud. Whether your Rainbow friend simply has a love of colors, or they want to show the world what they're made of, we have every shade of love and joy in a variety of jewelry styles.

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5 – Low-key Lovely

     The Lowkey Lovely rocks their style quietly. Understated looks are their favorite. You won’t catch a Low-key Lovely standing out from their crowd until you look closely. They can take the simplest of pieces and make it all come together so well that you’ll wonder how you never thought to try that yourself. Each piece may look simple, but it’s been chosen with great care and attention to detail. Whether their style is high-end or a bit more basic, it’s free of anything frilly, any frippery, or anything that does not 100 percent need to be there. These are the kinds of people for whom matte jewelry was designed! With understated color and simple forms, matte jewelry is sure to fit right in with their look!

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     Holiday shopping is often a challenge, regardless of who you’re shopping for. A friend or family member with a thoroughly established style can be a little more difficult to buy for. Hopefully this gift guide has helped to identify these lovely folks and give you a few ideas! Happy holidays!