Healing Crystal Jewelry and Their Meaning

Healing Crystal Jewelry and Their Meaning

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Crystals have been used in healing and ritual dating back to ancient history. While we cannot make any claims about their effectiveness, we can’t dispute that they look awesome. With their natural beauty, vivid colors, and depth of texture, stone makes a great material for body jewelry! And if you should happen to experience any magical effects from these crystals (which can be found on our website) …. a little bit of magic sometimes goes a long way!

Rose Quartz – Easily identified by its rich pink color, rose quartz is a naturally pink variation of quartz stone. It is best known as a stone for love and relationships. It is also said to be great with healing and with deepening empathy. That striking pink also looks fantastic when cut into shapes that really let the color take center stage! 

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Opal – With its range of available color forms, opal is a stone that really has it all! It is said that this stone can help with positive vibes and creativity. It’s also told that opal can help with inspiration and may even help with headaches! (If nothing else, it can certainly help with the massive headache brought on by boring looking jewelry!)

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Lapis Lazuli – This stone is a stunning shade of rich blue that looks fantastic on virtually everyone. It’s also said that it allows you to connect to your authentic self and can encourage clarity and directness. Thought to aid in communication, it is even rumored to help boost the immune system. This may be the perfect stone for winter!

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Jade – This rich green stone seems to be the one everyone needs in their life! Said to help with good luck and prosperity, this crystal is even fabled to be able to bring wealth to the wearer. Even if it doesn’t, this gorgeous green stone is sure to bring you some richly beautiful piercings when you’re rocking it!

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Tiger’s Eye – If anxiety has you feeling like a pussycat that’s lost its roar, this could be the stone for you. Said to ease anxiety, this stone is also believed to help with courage, focus, and protection. It also has stunning variegated patterns of brown and rich golden yellow that are sure to make you want to purr!

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Howlite – Get ready to howl with delight when you’re rocking this white stone with its easily identified veins of grey! It’s thought to aid in artistic expression and calming the mind. It also is neutral enough to go with nearly every style while packing enough punch to draw attention to its natural beauty.

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Crystals have waxed and waned in popularity over the years but have never gone away. This stamina is due, not only to their believed magical properties, but also to their natural good looks! They also make for comfortable jewelry that is easy to care for and may appeal to people in search of more natural options. And if your new jewelry should draw some positive energy into your life…. consider it an added bonus!