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celebrating World UFO Day

Ever wonder if we’ve been visited by beings from other worlds?  Well today is World UFO Day, and we’re taking our cues (our fashion cues that is) from the world of flying saucers and extraterrestrials.

Even brilliant theoretical physicist Stephan Hawking has postulated that we humans aren’t alone in the universe, and many other progressive and modern scientific minds are on board with the idea of potential future visitation from aliens as well.  But what if they’ve actually already been here?  As it turns out, there are those who believe this theory too.

ancient astronaut theory“Jupiter Masjid” by Kenny Irwin(source: WGSN)

They call it “ancient astronaut theory,” and many say that there’s physical evidence all around us.  They claim that several ancient cultures have exhibited a knowledge of mathematics, science, and physics that simply couldn’t have been attained without the help of an alien species.  The pyramids and monuments of Egypt, the Nazca Lines of Peru, the amazing man-made structures of Stone Henge, the multi-ton monoliths of the Mayan and Aztec Empires; could they all be proof of visitations from extraterrestrials?

 did aliens visit our ancestors?

There are Mayan glyphs that depict the gods as incredible giants, and some that show devices that look like rocket ships and space suits.  Peru’s famous Nazca lines can only be accurately seen from the sky, even though the ancient Incas certainly had no means of flight.  And the megalithic structures that comprise Stone Henge are made to purposely align with certain astronomical events, as are many of the Egyptian monuments.  Strange, right?  But even if we never figure out whether our ancestors hung out with aliens, the mystery surrounding these structures definitely makes for great fashion.

 mystical Egyptian monument jewelry

With a little alien flair and some mystical appeal, every outfit can be accessorized to unidentified flying perfection.  So pull out your telescopes and your fave celestial belly rings.  It’s officially the summer of coming in peace.

spacey alien head plugs

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