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top mount navel rings for belly piercings

For anybody who hasn’t seen one, there’s a belly piercing referred to as a “bottom belly piercing,” and it’s basically just a piercing of the navel’s lower rim.  Some will choose to get this in lieu of a regular belly piercing, while others will get it in addition to a standard piercing.  For many individuals, the navel’s rim can be pierced in a variety of places, including multiple areas at the same time.

 piercings along the navel's bottom rim

Those who have a bottom belly piercing are in a great position to take advantage of a special type of belly jewelry called a “top mount” or top-down” belly ring.  This is a type of belly ring with the decorative part at the top, instead of dangling from the bottom ball like regular navel jewelry.  Just like standard rings, a top mount can include a fixed decoration, a dangling charm, or multiple types of embellishments, and is only limited by the imagination.

Top drop belly rings are well suited to bottom belly piercings because of their unique design, but standard navel jewelry and double mount items can also be worn.  For those who have multiple belly piercings, mixing and matching multiple types of jewelry is a great way to create a fun, modern look.

 belly jewelry with top and bottom charms

To see a bottom belly piercing being performed, check out this short video, and don’t forget to follow us on YouTube for more!

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