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Canadian Modification Culture

Today is Canada Day, and we’re giving a friendly shout-out to our neighbors in the north.  Here are some fun things you may not know about Canada’s cool contributions to modification culture:

Canada has some of the coolest money in the world, and if you need proof, they’ve even released a commemorative quarter in 2012 featuring imagery of Tecumseh, the Shawnee chief who helped defend Canada against invasion during the war of 1812, wearing an awesome tribal septum ring.

 depictions of chief Tecumseh with septum rings

As far as actual artistry goes, Canadian tattooists have contributed as much to the art as those in the US.  Some are even considered to be amongst the most influential artists in the world, like Alberta’s Paul Jeffries, who has been honing his craft since 1975, and worked at some of the first quality tattoo shops in the country.  As of 2010 it’s estimated that approximately 38% of Canadians ages 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.

 modified youth in Canada

In many areas, the first real piercing parlors didn’t open until the 1990s, like Ontario’s Silver Daisy, which became the Muskoka region’s first piercing studio in 1999.

Some of our favorite pierced and tattooed musicians are Canadian too, like Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Simple Plan, and the guys from Alexisonfire.

modified Canadian musiciansmodified Canadian artist Avril Lavigne (source: WGSN)

Fun Fact: Much like in the US, Canada has no specific country-wide law concerning age limits for piercings and tattoos.  These issues fall under local or regional ordinances in most provinces, and in the majority of areas, persons under 18 require parental consent, while persons under 16 may be declined for certain services.

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