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What’s your holiday beauty fantasy?  With all of the sparkle, shine, and versatility of snowy hues that are no longer taboo to a particular calendar date, it’s finally time in 2011 to be dreaming of a white Christmas.

Whether you’re wearing a cream colored frock to your holiday events, or opting for more colorful or jewel toned fare, shimmering white accessories can turn any seasonal cocktail ensemble into a white-hot masterpiece of glam.  And attention grabbing clusters of white, clear, and iridescent crystal are the perfect way to turn a few heads.

Some of the more translatable ways to wear this trendy high-fashion style are in the form of opulent retro inspired looks that hint at 1920s decadence.  Dangling earrings, long necklaces, large gem solitaire facial piercing studs, and cocktail rings with floral motifs all fit the bill.

When pairing jewelry and accessory items, it’s best to coordinate on basis of length rather than theme.  Opera length necklaces for example, with short and simple drop earrings and a single oversized gem worn in the nose, lip, or eyebrow coordinates well.  And with longer dangling earrings, a shorter length necklace, or no necklace at all but perhaps a large ring, will be a perfect balance.  In keeping with a blingy, but not gaudy aesthetic, the key to a flirty look is in creating a youthful energy from jewelry that shows obvious imitation of vintage styles but with modern rewiring.

For an extra bit of more classic and simple glamour, mixing a fusion of solid matte white and gem laced items keeps the look clean and prevents multiple accessory focal points from becoming overdone.

Now when your mouth is full with luscious holiday hors d’oeuvres, your ice can do some of the talking for you.

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