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As 2011 draws to a close, a myriad of fun new styles are beginning their rise to the top for the upcoming fashion year.  Here are some highlights of things to come.


Although there are dozens of new designs picking up momentum, two of them seem to stand up a tiny bit more than the rest: geometric and radiating.

Geometric styling is most commonly found with collar or choker necklaces (those 18 inches long or less) and generally involves a mixing of various two dimensional shapes, like triangles, squares, circles, and tetrahedrons.  Though dangling style that appear slightly more dainty while still maintaining the statement appear to be most popular right now, geometric collaring, especially with organic materials, is also making a showing.

The radiating style aesthetic is genius in its simplicity, which may explain why it’s catching on so fast.  Rays can be unilateral, or in varying ascending and descending lengths, but either way materials span every medium and with designers releasing them left and right for Spring, radiating necklaces may be on their way to a takeover.

Nose Rings

Two nose rings styles that have begun a slow ascent to the top?  The doorknocker, and the adorned hoop.

Doorknockers are called by a variety of names, but any way you say it, it’s undeniably cute.  Just a simple little visible loop and a whole lot of interest.  The adorned hoop style (a hoop with a charm) can be accomplished with 18 gauge ball captive rings or specially designed nose hoops, and in keeping with the Eastern and African tribal trend, they impart a sense of mystery and intrigue.  Perfect for getting noticed.

Belly Rings

As one of the most prevalent piercings in the world, the navel ring is constantly in a state of flux and innovation, but there are still a couple of standouts that you’ll want to get your hands on for the new year.  Two of the best: the super spiral, and the starburst.

2012 might be coming on fast, but as far as the evolution of jewelry fashion is concerned, it’s never too early to get ahead of the curve

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