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The Nasallang, a tri-nasal piercing, is a piercing of all three major points on the nose at the same time: the left nostril, right nostril, and septum.  This is performed as a single piercing through all three places with the same needle and uses a single piece of barbell jewelry, kind of like an industrial, but for your nose.  Because the needle (and afterwards the jewelry itself) will have to pass through the upper portion of the nasal septum, a nasallang will usually be done lower on the nose than standard nostril piercings; placement will vary slightly depending on the individual shaping and extension of nasal cartilage.

This piercing was first invented and named in the 1990’s by famous California piercer Cliff Cadaver. Like most contemporary piercings, the nasallang was first seen on a celebrity, the person that Cliff performed it on, Bobby Brady. However, unlike most others of its kind, Mr. Brady’s name has clearly nothing to do with what the piercing itself is called.

The nasallang is normally pierced all at once with a single needle, but has been known here and there to be performed as separate piercings and later connected.  This method however is not recommended by most piercers who are familiar with this type of piercing, as small amounts of migration can occur during healing which then cause separate piercings not to line up properly. The piercing is cared for like most other nasal piercings, but due to its nature will generally take a little bit longer to heal than a standard nasal piercing.  It also bares mentioning that to be a true nasallang and not just another tri-nasal piercing, it must be worn with a straight industrial style barbell. And perhaps one of the most interesting things about a nasallang piercing, is that most who see it won’t realize that it’s a single piece and will instead assume that there are just two separate nostril piercings.  In this way, it’s almost like having a cool secret that only those close to you know.

If you haven’t heard of the nasallang piercing, it’s probably because the piercing itself is still on the upswing. Although it sounds amazing and cool, this is still not a mainstream piercing, which, to be perfectly honest, is exactly what makes it one of the coolest piercings you may have never heard of.

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