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And the Pantone Institute’s 2012 color of the year is….drum roll, please……”Tangerine Tango?”

Yep. No need to adjust your resolution because you read that right. Pantone has chosen their color of the year based on emerging textiles trends, designer runways, consumer habits, and what’s, shall we say, “trending.” It’s loud. It’s peppy. It’s…orange. But before you stick your tongue out at this interesting new choice of “it” hue, just take a look at how juicy tangerine can be.

Not convinced that this is a good thing just yet?

How about now?  It’s not just filling the closets of the hottest celebrities and infiltrating the wardrobes of your favorite on-screen characters, tangerine tango is also brightening absolutely everything in our lives, from our homes and offices to our cars! This brilliant dose of confidence-boosting brightness may be just what we need to move forward in a recession economy and get the reforms we began in 2011 back on track. Plus, as an added bonus, the vivid orange-red hue is so undeniably 60’s retro that working it into our already carefully balanced vintage-modern wardrobes is an absolute breeze.

So as far as 2012 is concerned, optimism is just a closet door away.  And when life gives you lemons, make tasty tangerine juice.

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