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Picture this: it’s New Year’s Eve, and everybody is dressed to the nines.  You’re seeing some of the prettiest cocktail dresses, cutest shoes, and coolest earrings that you’ve ever seen in your life. But it’s too bad that nobody else is noticing them, because all of their attention is focused on you. Why? Well aside from the fact that you’re just naturally fabulous, let’s just say you know how to reel ’em in with a little touch of mystery.

Placing your accessories strategically in interesting ways and unexpected places is the perfect way to attract a little extra attention. It’s almost like letting what you’re wearing do most of the work for you.  Here are a few neat little tricks that are sure to snag the focus of more than one unsuspecting bystander.

Combo 1: Peep toe shoes and a toe ring

During the Winter season, a toe ring is unexpected enough, but letting one that has a bit of attention grabbing sparkle peak out from your peep toes will definitely get your sweet little toesies noticed.  The feet are a great focal point to draw attention to, because when someone lifts their head to talk to you, they’ll have to take in everything in between.  This way the perfect party dress doesn’t go to waste in a see of designer dresswear.

Combo 2: Messy updo and dangle earrings… in your second earring hole

Celebrities and fashionistas in the UK are already rocking this neat and interesting look, and when paired with a messy updo it’s a surefire way to get noticed. By wearing a stud in your first ear piercing and a coordinated dangle in your second, you show that even in a polished party dress you’re still a little rock and roll.  Plus, aside from letting your edgy side breath, the interesting earring combo and wisps or tendrils from your updo will lead the eye down your jaw, which inevitably focuses attention on a perfect painted lip.  Because you didn’t go for red so that your pout would fade into the background, right?

No second hole?  No problem. Clip earrings work just as well further up your ear and they’re available in the same cute styles as pierced earrings.

Combo 3: Blowout and a neck tattoo

A small monochrome tattoo at the side of the neck or behind the ear is the perfect way to draw attention to yourself, even when your back is When hair that’s left down moves, everyone around you will see just enough of a peek to leave them wondering.  Mystery, intrigue, tons of people approaching you to get a closer look at your cute little tattoo; what else could a girl ask for?

Hot Tip: To make a fake tattoo look a little more convincing, cut as close to the color edge as possible, thoroughly clean skin before you apply, and dust with translucent powder when you’re done.

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