Where Is a Tragus Body Piercing?

Where Is a Tragus Body Piercing?

The tragus is a small piece of skin that protrudes from the inside edge of the ear and lies right  at the opening of your ear canal.

There's a few different styles of jewelry that look awesome in a tragus piercing. Labret studs are small enough, but create the perfect amount of sparkle. They have a flat back that rests comfortably on the inside of the ear.

Rings are another option, most commonly a BCR

Jewelry sizing depends on the needle your piercer uses. Most common will be a 16 gauge, but sometimes 18 gauge will be used, depending on the anatomy of the ear. 

Because of the tragus piercing's location on the body, and the healing time for cartilage piercings, it's important to take extra precaution when caring for your piercing. Sleeping on your side will be uncomfortable for a bit, but nothing to be alarmed about. Always follow proper aftercare advice given by your piercer to ensure a healthy piercing experience!