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Today is the first official day of Summer, and to celebrate the long awaited return of our favorite sunny season, we’re breaking out the aftercare rulebook for a quick overview of everything the pierced need to know about summer aftercare.

During the Summer months, fun in the sun (and the pool) is a major mainstay, but there are a few things to know about piercing care that can make the difference between irritation and seasonal bliss.


When going out in the sun:

Even if your piercing is healed, sunburn is a serious safe piercing no-no.  Fortunately, there are a number of sunscreens out there that are safe for use on pierced and tattooed skin.  What you’ll want to look for is something with a high SPF (30 and above), that protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays, uses only natural oils, and contains no wax or PABA.  Natural brands are especially friendly to this checklist, and if you have sensitive skin to boot, they’re absolutely ideal because most contain only botanical fragrances as well.

Some good natural brands that don’t break the bank: Badger, Out to Sea, and Purple Prairie.  All are available online for ten dollars or less.


When going into the pool or water at the public beach:

If your piercing isn’t healed, public water should be avoided altogether, but for those who are able to take the plunge precautions should still be taken.  Shower with gentle antibacterial body wash immediately after any swim sessions, clean your piercing accordingly, and if it’s possible apply some moisturizing natural oil (like emu oil) to counteract the drying effects of the salt or chlorine that may have been in the water.


When sweating it up:

Working out or playing sports is a great way to stay healthy in the warmer months, but skimping on the skin care can leave piercings irritated or cause piercing odor.  To prevent the unpleasantness of either, always clean fresh piercings as listed above.  For those with healed piercings: if you think a full clean-up isn’t necessary, a gentle wipe down with unscented wet wipes followed by a quick spray with sea salt solution like H2Ocean should do the trick.  Also, try to avoid wearing any heavy moisturizers if you know you’ll break a sweat, and be sure to reply sunscreen after clean-up if you’re headed back into the sun.


To hide piercings for your summer job:

Invest in a retainer.  They’re comfortable, bio-compatible, and next to invisible.

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