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So a lot of you might know that June is National Gay Pride Month, but what you might not know is that the rainbow and pride themed jewelry is heating up something fierce this Summer.  More and more of the pierced and proud are showing it off out there with hot new jewels, so here’s some of the brightest and neatest of what’s going on right now with the rainbow.

The first amazing rainbow pride jewelry trend we found: rainbow crystal couples rings.  Stainless steel rainbow gem rings in all shapes and styles are great on their own, but the emerging trend of couples wearing matching rainbow rings makes this fashion statement all the more sweet.

Another colorful jewelry trend that we love is giving people everywhere an extra excuse to stick out their tongue: rainbow tongue rings.  Most frequently spotted are simple rainbows, sometimes including gems or logo inlay.

One of the coolest things showing up at gay pride rallies and parades across the country this month is rainbow body jewelry for piercings that aren’t normally seen on an everyday basis, like nipple shields and navel rings.

Belly rings range from simple to sassy, with rainbow bottom ball inlay and dangle details including everything from flowers to flags.

And Finally, there’s the rainbow plug. Rainbow hued gem or full color logo pride ear plugs are absolutely everywhere, and styles promoting harmony, awareness, and understanding are becoming a fashion that makes a provocative and empowering cultural statement.

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