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Going to a costume or themed party this Summer?  Want a retro styled look for a cocktail or garden party or a special night out?  Vintage clothing and jewelry is one seasonal trend that’s running full speed ahead, and we’re about to show you how to make subtle accessory changes that’ll help you stylishly catch up.


Going for a seventies look:

For costumes it’s perfect to try an exaggerated, super disco style, but to pull off seventies flare in everyday life there a few key things that can be done with clothing and accessories that will nod to the decade of disco without circumventing a modern edge.  To go seventies without feeling like you’ve just played dress-up, grab the general style elements that defined the era.

First, choose a section of the body to showcase: arms, legs, or midriff.  If your going for the shorter skirt, keep the midsection covered and opt for subtle volume on top, like a looser or flared sleeve, a straight cut, or some blousing.  To show off arms, go for a full skirt of knee length or longer, or a pair of high-waisted jeans.  Floral is always acceptable in smaller doses.  And if you’ve chosen to bear a toned belly, make sure that arms and legs are mostly covered…and be sure to rock a super seventies belly ring!


Reinventing the eighties:

The eighties aesthetic is all about drama, exaggeration, and color, but to get the feel without the fluff it’s best to keep it simple and throw a few gentle hints.

For example, a top that slides off one shoulder, colored tights, classic pointed toe pumps, or a short skirt with some fullness or substance.  For eighties jewelry, the perfect way to not do too much is to stick with brights and low cost materials (enamel, acrylic, lucite, glass), and when in doubt, a hint of animal print will get you there.


Having a nineties moment:

As anyone who has lived through the nineties will tell you, the general fashion was fairly bland, but the one interesting thing about style in the nineties compared to the new millennium?  It was the era of black.  We all go solid black from time to time, but the angst, alternative lifestyle emergence, and the discovery of the LBD’s (little black dress’s) primary importance make the nineties a certifiably coal colored decade.  To optimize the ebony for a truly nineties feel, match with silvery tones or faux pearl, and stick with geometric shapes.

If you follow these tips and search out some of your own inspirations, you’ll be ready to party like it’s nineteen seventy, eighty, or ninety nine.

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