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Even once it’s healed, a piercing that’s only a couple months old can be prone to irritation, especially in the sweltering heat of Summer.  Belly rings with fancy large designs or long decorative dangles are easily caught on clothes, towels, and god only knows what else, so sticking with simplicity seems like the way to go.  In that spirit (because I know how hard choosing a simple banana bell can be and how bland regular belly rings seem), I’ve decided to share some style hints for keeping it simple this season while still being stylish.  Ready?

The Comprehensive Users Guide to Belly Piercing Part 4: Summer Belly Ring Style Guide

Want some summer belly rings that are subtle for daytime without being boring?  We’ve got it covered.  There are three things to do with a worry free standard belly ring that can give you style without being overstated: add shine or sparkle, go for natural gems, or spiral it up.

A little shimmer keeps your body jewelry from falling flat while still maintaining that effortless simplicity, and opting for a spiral barbell rather than a banana bell adds interest to the design without dangling elements that could get caught doing daytime activities.

Also, natural stone belly rings are not only a huge trend right now, but they’re eco friendly, skin friendly, and enhance any look with beautiful organic hues.  Hot tones right now: teals, turquoises, and foams (perfect for Summer because they mimic the ocean).

For special occasions on which a dangling belly ring is wanted? Go for something that shows off a playful spirit with bright, Summery colors, and look for dangles that incorporate elements of the ocean, sun, flowers, or anything else that you feel represents Summer.  The idea is to throw a seasonal hint without getting cartoony or being too extravagant.

And the perfect belly ring for a Summer beach party or a hot night out?  Neon or glow in the darkNeon belly rings are super fun for warm nights out when you want your belly to be the center of attention, and the pop of color that they add can either jazz up a solid white or black ensemble, or brighten and enhance an already colorful look.  And if you’re out at the beach or bonfire under clear, dark night skies, glow in the dark belly rings are an awesome accessory that’s sure to get noticed.  Party time!


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