Alley's Septum Piercing Experience

Alley's Septum Piercing Experience


Money Shot: 0:32

First up, James cleans up the area around Alley’s septum to make sure it’s sterile and ready to be pierced. This step is the same for every piercing, but so important! Next the holes for the piercing are mapped out. James explains that he’ll be drawing a few dots to line up the piercing. This helps professional piercers ensure accuracy, and gives the client a chance to see exactly where their jewelry will go.

Time for the clamp, to hold the skin steady, and James prepares to pierce Alley’s septum. He instructs her to take a deep breath, and in the needle goes! Alley tells us this is her second time getting her septum pierced, as she chose to take her first one out a few years ago. “I was worried the scar tissue would be more painful, and it wasn’t!”

James places a cork on the end of the needle to prevent any accidental pokes, and then slides Alley’s new septum retainer in, following the needle out through the piercing. Viola!

Initial Jewelry: 16 gauge retainer
Healing Time: 4-8 weeks

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