We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: Viva la Vida Vampire

by Lorna

Here at BodyCandy, we heart Halloween in a humungous way, and vampires are one of our fave freaky staples.  We love the vampire’s kiss surface piercing, but for those who don’t have the mod and want to be a vamp victim, it’s perfectly fine to pull a full-on fake out.  And did we mention how much we heart vampire satire?

 vampire bite body jewelry

Bats are great too, especially when they glow in the dark.

 fun and vampy bat jewelry

And last but not least, we love bloody deadly sweets.  These Halloween worthy cupcakes prove that sugar is poison, in a wonderfully dark and brilliant way.

 deadly Halloween cupcakes

Looking for more gruesome goodness?  Then check out our happenin Halloween board on Pinterest, and let the spirit move you.

by Lorna

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