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Are you a fan of enchanting sugar skull makeup?  So are we, and here we’ll give you the step by step instructions to create your own fanciful and feminine sugar skull looks for Halloween time or any time.  Join our team member and haunted house veteran Tara as she transforms one lucky lady into a vision fit for any All Hallow’s Eve soiree.

sugar skull body jewelry

Step 1: Start by applying white cream makeup evenly over the entire face, including the lips.

 filling in the face with white

Step 2: Blacken the areas around the eye sockets and nose, making sure to cover the eyebrows.

 blackening the eyes and nose

Step 3: Adorn the forehead with a spider web design by starting with a center line, adding lines that curve out towards the temples, and then drawing arches in between to finish the web.

 drawing the cobweb

Step 4: Draw lines over the lips to create the skeletal teeth.

 drawing on the skeletal teeth

Step 5: Outline fun designs and embellishments on the cheeks, chin and jaw, including scalloped edges around the eye sockets.

 outlining the designs

Step 6: Fill in and finish off with festive colors (we used red and yellow), and large flowers in your hair.

 finishing off with bright colors

For more hot Halloween fun, check us out on YouTube.

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