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Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?  We definitely are, and we’re here to teach you how to blend right in with undead.  Join our team member and haunted house veteran Tara as she takes one modified beauty from zero to zombie in just a few short minutes,  with step by step instructions that make for easy Halloween fun.

 cool zombie belly button rings

Step 1: Start by lightening the entire face, not completely white, but to a kind of deathly pallor.

 lightening the entire face

Step 2: Whiten any areas where you plan to have bone or teeth showing in the zombie’s face (the cheekbone is a great area to use because it naturally protrudes).

 whitening areas of bone

Step 3: Fill with red around the teeth and where you want exposed flesh to show.

 fill in red for exposed flesh

Step 4: Outline your teeth with black creating defined edges, and outline the red areas to create the look of tendons and muscle tissue.

 outlining with black

Step 5: Use gray makeup around the temples and cheekbone of the “normal” facial area to simulate decay.

 faking decay with gray makeup

Step 6: Mess up the hair, tease and spray.

 finishing with messy hair

For more hot Halloween fun, check us out on YouTube.

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