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Rick the Zombie Tattoo BoyRick Genest and his zombie tattoos (source: WGSN)

Full body tattoos are rare, but in the age of modification they’re becoming more socially relevant.  So how do you make sure that your tattooing stands out?  Well, if you’re Montreal-born twenty-something Rick Genest, that really isn’t an issue, because an entire body tattooed to look like a cadaver can be rather awe-inspiring.

Rick, often referred to as “Zombie Boy,” began his transformation at the age of sixteen and never looked back.  By 21, he was collaborating with artistic tattooist Frank Lewis, who has since inked the vast majority of this living art project.  It wasn’t until a few years later though that a background role in “Cirque du Freak: the Vampire’s Assistant” garnered the right kind of attention.  Fan pages and features began popping up across the internet, and a Facebook photo collection caught the eye of the one and only Lady Gaga.

Rick Genest and Lady Gaga walk the Mugler runwayRick Genest and Lady Gaga walk the Runway at Thierry Mugler (source: WGSN)

Within months Genest had become the fashion muse of Thierry Mugler’s Creative Driector, Nicola Formichetti, and was walking runway shows, appearing in print and photographic features, and even making a cameo in Gaga’s acclaimed video for the hit “Born This Way.”  He also appeared in a promotional campaign for cover-up brand Dermablend, in which his amazing facial and torso tattoos were covered up on camera using the product.

Zombie Boy's Thierry Mugler print campaignRick Genest for Thierry Mugler (source: WGSN)

Zombie Boy’s most recent appearances include a guest role at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, where a limited edition figurine was released in his likeness, an amazing step forward for the social acceptance of body modification.  And given the response to his role within the fashion industry, we’re pretty sure that Rick Genest isn’t quite done yet.

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