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 shamanic Halloween fashion

Natural Ingredients

 shamanic herbs and potions

What makes a witch doctor, voodoo priestess, or shaman?  First off, they know how to use what’s around them.  Natural ingredients are essential to natural magic, and they’re relatively easy to find.

 wood and bone floral plugs

Wicked Woman

 pagan priestesses

Would you know a wicked witch if you saw her?  Black magic never looked so good as when hidden beneath the most beautiful face.  To fake the look of a voodoo witch woman, a statement jeweled bauble does just the trick.

 blingy chandelier belly jewelry

The Talisman

 voodoo symbols

Get ready to feel the power of a conjured curse.  Just pick up your voodoo doll and let the spirits do the rest.

stiched voodoo doll belly ringsvoodoo zombie belly jewelry

Modified for Magic

 witch doctor modifications

It may not be the cliché “bone through the septum,” but a little modification makes for lots of extra magic mojo.  To adorn your septum witch doctor style, just snatch a spiked horseshoe and match your lipstick accordingly.

 spike tipped horseshoe circular barbells

Shamanic Conjuration

 spells and conjuring

It’s time to work some magic, with your wardrobe that is.  So get set for the perfect touch of shaman-esque mystique.

creepy Halloween statement necklaces

Fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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