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Going to be out and about this October?  Then you’ll definitely want to check out some of the sweetest haunts that the country has to offer, including BodyCandy’s haunted hometown, right here in the heart of Western New York.

 creepy ghostly style

Buffalo, NY

Here in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding area, there’s a host of hauntingly happening spots.  From our historic and reportedly haunted locales like the Iron Island Museum, the Lancaster Opera House, and the Old Buffalo Psychiatric Center, to our collection of stately cemeteries hosting some of the oldest graves on the East coast, a visit here demands the coolest of creepy gear.

 Halloween body jewelry

Salem, MA

The hamlet of Salem has earned a reputation as one of the most haunted places in the world, and with very good reason.  During the early days of colonization in 1692, the infamous “witch scare” began right here with a series of well known witch trials, culminating in the eventual deaths of as many as 19 wrongfully accused women and at least one man.  That makes a stay in Salem prime for wicked and witchy accessories.

 witchy body jewelry

Chicago, IL

The city of Chicago is a mecca of criminal history, calling to mind some of the most famous and ruthless gangsters of the twentieth century.  But the real main attraction, is its host of haunted cemeteries, including rumored prohibition-era body drop site Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, and the famous Resurrection Cemetery, home to the legendary ghost of teenage hit-and-run victim Resurrection Mary.  To make a visit to the windy city extra ghastly, 20s style touches are the perfect nod to this cool and creepy history.

 gorgeous 20s retro earrings

San Antonio, TX

In addition to a haunted railroad crossing and any number of historical hotels, saloons, and missions that are rumored to have ghostly guests, San Antonio is also the home of the Alamo, making for one gruesomely ghoul-filled city.  The perfect homage to over a century of gun slinging?  A set of revolvers; the harmless kind, of course.

 western revolver jewelry

New Orleans, LA

Even if it’s your first trip to New Orleans, its creepy modern nickname, “City of the Dead,” is likely to be immediately understood.  From Voodoo queen Marie Laveau, to the many above-ground cemeteries, and the haunted buildings that line the famous French Quarter, this city is alive with the music of the deceased.  Your best hope of fitting in is to adorn yourself in a barrage of bones.

 creepy skull and bones body jewelry

Long Beach, CA

If you’re passing by or staying in Long Beach, it would be criminal not to at least sneak a peak at one of the world’s most haunted harbors.  Home to the retired passenger vessel Queen Mary, even the approaching length of freeway 405 is rumored to be plagued by any number of spectral phenomena related to the ship and its history of hauling Allied troops during World War II.  If you’re lucky enough to take a tour, nautical retro is definitely the way to go.

 vintage style nautical jewelry

Wherever you end up during the Halloween season, remember to pay homage to your location’s haunted history with some ghoulishly good accessories, because a penchant for paranormal fashion never goes out of style.

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