We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: Doing the Body Electric

by Lorna

hot neon yellow colored body jewelry

This Winter season, we’re craving a mega dose of super hot color, and we think you’ll agree that neon is where it’s at in November.  One of our fave super hot hues (as seen at Swarovski, Tom Binns, Marc Jacobs, and others) is the sunny and superfly sweet neon yellow.

hot neon blue colored body jewelry

Though we’re open to being blue too!  In the best of ways, of course.  Plus, rocking electric blue puts a little get-up-and-dance in those dreary Fall days.  Though we heart the lovely body art of an all-over blue, a more translatable way to wear this volume pumping hue is with shiny ball studs for any piercing you adore.

hot multi neon belly jewelry

If you heart hot color as much as we do, then you’ll fall right in love with our top picks on Pinterest.

by Lorna

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