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windswept fashion

It’s hurricane season, and waves of fashion are about to break.

Natural Power

 powerful natural elements

Nature is powerful, beautiful, awe-inspiring and deadly, which makes it sound a lot like a femme fatale.  No wonder they refer to her as “mother” earth.  If your closet should happen to get caught in the fashion hurricane, just remember the Autumn clothing and accessory mantra: pattern plus texture plus metal detailing equals fabulous.

Found Fashion

 found item accessories

The idea of found fashion has been floating around for years like a piece of errant driftwood, and it’s time to let the message out of the bottle.  From twigs and leaves, to rope weave and old keys, if you can wash it, you can paint it, polish it, weave it and wear it.

Aftermath Grunge

 organic neo-grunge styling

One of the best things about grunge styling and its revival is that layers and antiquing still reign supreme.  Think of it as being a princess in the wasteland.  The beauty of a pretty face offsets the dinge of weathered canvas every time in a way that’s so perfectly of the moment.

Coastal Nomad

 islander style world fashion

Want the look of a ramblin traveler without the attachment of being a rolling stone?  Check out these worldly fashion fixes:

weathered leather braceletsfun feather clad hair clips

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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