Double Nose Piercings: Two is Better than One

Double Nose Piercings: Two is Better than One

Why have only one piercing in your nose when you can have multiple? One of the hottest trends in the modified world today is double nose piercings. If you want edgy expression without too much pain, then two nostril piercings may just be the pierced look for you!

Standard Nostrilthe body modification that is pierced and rests in the curve of one of the nostrils; simply a solitary piercing made in the natural crease of your nostril

Double Nostril – two holes are created with the first piercing being higher than the other; requires a strategic and professional piercer due to the risk of hitting nerve structures

Double nose piercings are flattering on any face shape and if you already have your first one done and healed, you're more than prepared for a second round (it's been suggested that getting them done separately can help make aftercare easier). You can choose to get two on one side of your nose or one on each side for a symmetrical look. 

In addition to whether you want your double nose piercing on one side or both, you can also choose to have a high nostril piercing and a standard nostril piercing for a double sided look. High nostril piercings are performed slightly above the standard placement and provide a whole new way to style your nose.

Check out one of our team members, Liz, getting her second nose piercing performed by our professional piercer pal, James, from American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY. Be sure to watch as he takes special precaution to measure Liz's existing nose piercing for placement for the second for optimal symmetry. You don't want crooked doubles, right?!

Here's what Liz has to say about having two nose piercings instead of one:

"They're pretty basic piercings. Once you get both done, you end up wanting to get another piercing in the middle to even it out, like a septum or medusa/philtrum piercing."

She makes a good point with that statement because we all know piercings can easily become addictive regardless! You'll want a full face of metal before you know it, so be prepared! Liz also had this to reiterate:

"Go to a professional piercer to make sure that they take the time to make sure that the piercings are even or it will annoy the heck out of you!"

This number one tip is what we will leave you with on this blog post. Professional piercers are your friend, and since everyone's nose is different, it's best to go to someone who is experienced and will help you achieve the best placement for your and your new piercing.

Don't know how to style two instead of one? Here's some helpful information to get you started on becoming a nose ring fashionista. There's alway the trusty nose hoop to decorate your schnoz or you can choose to get crazy with multiple styles in your nose.

And there you have it - the double nose piercing!

Do you have double nose piercings?! We'd love to check them out! Tag us on your pierced selfies on social media with #BodyCandy or leave a comment below with your experience!