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BodyCandy team member Liz decided to get her second nose piercing done recently. “I didn’t really have any expectations, other than having a needle go through my nostril,” she said. That’s the beauty of being pierced and proud!

Of course we headed to American Skin Art (located in Buffalo, NY) to let James work his magic.

“It was the best piercing experience I’ve ever had, honestly. James at American Skin Art was nothing but professional through the preparation, physical piercing, and even after.”

Liz’s nose piercing started just like all piercings do, with some quick cleaning to sterilize her nostril for the piercing. James was careful to measure perfectly so that both sides of Liz’s nose would line up symmetrically. The piercing itself involves inserting a hollow receiving tube into the nostril, which will prevent the needle from poking the inside of the nose. Liz takes a deeeeep breath, and James then pushes the needle through. The tube slides out of the nostril, and James attaches a cork to the exposed sharp end of the needle.

James then pushes the needle the remainder of the way through the piercing, following closely behind with the jewelry. “The most uncomfortable part was the transition from the needle to the actual jewelry, just the same for any other piercing,” Liz said. And that’s that!

“The piercing itself is not painful by any means. There’s a bit of noticeable discomfort while smiling and yawning. You realize just how much you move your nose with a fresh nostril piercing! Other than that, the piercing only causes a dull ache that is easily forgotten. I haven’t experienced any swelling yet, and it’s been almost five hours after the piercing.”

Healing Time: 3-4 months
Initial jewelry: Nose screw

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