Dress Up Your Stretched Lobes with Dangles, Hangers, Weights and MORE

Dress Up Your Stretched Lobes with Dangles, Hangers, Weights and MORE

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Do you love your plugs and modified lobes but miss the extravagance of the earrings you used to wear in your pre-stretched days?


I've been on the lookout for styles that blend the need for pierced & alternative jewelry with a dangle fashion fix that will help you find a look you can make your own.

Keeping it Simple (A Pirate's Life for Me)

Wearing a tunnel/BCR combo is a great way to use jewelry you already have to add a little flair to your lobes. This look works with tunnels and hoops of all sizes & can be worn as plain-jane or dressed up as you like.

Click me! Click me!

Click the pic to see our selection!

 Want to take this up a notch? Try using tunnels & captive beads decorated with bright gems & eye-catching color!

 Dressing UP (Big Ass Hoop Earrings & the Women Who Love Them)

If you follow us on Snapchat then you might be experiencing a sensation of deja vu!

 Our very own Body Candy Babe, Ann, is showing off pairs of tunnel plug earrings that pass through tunnels or earlets to add a little something special to her look.

 Tunnel Plug Earring Sets can be worn through some of your smallest  tunnels thanks to their standard earring sized pin. Click here or here  to check out our selection.

 Natural Wood Hangers (Wood You, Could You Wear a Pair?)

 Wood hangers are an all-natural and highly fashionable way to dress up your lobes. We've got simple styles & dramatically detailed hangers to choose from so take a minute & click here to browse these Earthy earrings!

 If you love natural wood jewelry then click here to check out our selection of tunnel plugs & other Body Candy jewelry that might suit you.

Ear Weights (Style Worth Weighting For)

Ear weights, oh ear weights!

For lobes that can handle a little pressure, this is the perfect look. 

Stretched lobes have seriously never had it so good.

Check out our selection in the ear weight section.

Dangle Plugs (Do You Dare to Dangle?)

Dare to dream of gauges with sparkle and dangle, baby, because we have all kinds of pretty things for you!

Click here to shop dangle plugs!

Love these looks? Yell it from the rooftops! Comment below and tell us what your favorite style is!

Are you ahead of the game and already into dangle plug accessories? Post a pic! Maybe you'll end a BC Instagram or Snapchat star!