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With Winter half over, our thoughts turn to the sunshine, springtime, and the beauty of nature. And why not incorporate that beauty into our wardrobe? Just peak at what’s upcoming for the “in between season” and the natural direction that fashion is taking as we watch the snow slowly melt.

A floral essence is the number one must for this seasonal interim, and along with the revival of exotic influences, a fairy tale approach to organic shapes seems to be just what the doctor ordered. Leading the pack in plant-inspired elements: hibiscus flowers, ivy vines, and the soft feminine coloring of aquatic lilies.

Flash forward to a taste of monochromatic photo-realism, taking elements directly from nature to create a motif that’s cropped from a far away garden.  Realistic components merge here with fantastical interpretations of the same, and complete with princess worthy hues, create a faux-real masterpiece.

Put on mix a brilliant dose of free-form elemental color, drawing on updates and amped up re-imaginings of natural palettes.

Winter/spring is definitely in bloom

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