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In today’s high speed, no-time-to-take-a-breather world, a return to all things mystical and divine may be just what the doctor ordered. And once again, fashion has taken the reins of necessity and steered us in the perfect direction, as across the globe an onslaught of fresh new takes on traditional symbols of Eastern culture and mysticism is emerging.

Aspects of mysticism and the exploration of traditional old world cultures has been on the rise for some time, with performance art and exotic costume hitting an all time high in 2011. A revival of Eastern culture is definitely in full swing, including the evolution of belly dancing, fire breathing, and snake charming, as well as traditional Thai dance, henna tattooing, and the practice of martial arts, yoga, and kabalistic meditations.

Fashion, for its part, is making the outward expression of these inner transformations accessible, through the use of traditional mystic symbolism and the incorporation of more opulent and exotic jewelry styles that draw aesthetic inspiration from India, Asia, and the Middle East. Among these, more unique jewelry specifically has taken a leap, including the reemergence of traditional nose chains, decorative ear adornments, and chained head dressing and hair pieces.

Although changes in our general fashion sense and aesthetic direction are hardly a vast improvement to a never-stop-moving lifestyle, at least for now, the Western world can rest a little easier in our own skin. And the inextricable connection between what we choose to decorate our bodies with and how we feel may just be strengthened by reconnecting ourselves to the mystical nature of the universe.

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